the gorgonzola p.d.o is the most famous marbled cheese in the world.

who am I?

I am a DOP cow’s milk marbled cheese produced in the North of Italy, between Lombardy and Piedmont. Marbled cheese means veined with noble moulds, therefore edible; for this reason my friends call me “blue cheese”. My shapes are low cylinder, wrapped in foil with a printed “G” that stands for my Consortium. I can age from 2 to 4 months.

eat me

The marbling gives me a piquant flavour and extremely penetrating in the nose, but my texture is pliable and round in taste, therefore together they create a complex cheese in the mouth, with a thousand hints.


Both soft gorgonzola and the one generally called piquant, much more aged and firm, do exist. Its soft version is creamy, enveloping, the veins are thin and in a way embroider the texture, that is almost completely soft like a stracchino. The piquant version, instead, is obtained without adding milk cream and with a longer maturing; the veins thicken and become a gray-green web, the texture remains firm and very soft. The taste, in this case, is definitely piquant and smells of cellar, musk, wet soil can be felt in the nose.

how to cut me

First of all, get a thin bladed knife, if you use one with a large blade you will find a lot of cheese on the knife and nothing in the plate: my texture is very sticky. Lean the blade in a horizontal way to the plate of the cheese, and with horizontal movements carve the foil; at that point you can go down with a sharp cut and make your beautiful slice of gorgonzola fall on the tasting board.

how to use me

The people of the areas where Gorgonzola was invented (by the way, did you know that there is a town named Gorgonzola?) are ironically nicknamed by the rest of Italians “polentoni”, and in fact “polenta” is s rather common dish where we live. If you taste dissolved gorgonzola with hot polenta, you start to understand why. People often spread me on a slice of bread or together with a piquant mostarda. I am excellent on fondue or on pizza because I dissolve very easily. Among wines I prefer those with a sweet taste, therefore you can match a sharp bouquet structured white wine with my creamy version and a meditation sweet wine with a good alcoholic structure with my piquant version.


How was the marbled cheese invented? With an act of ingenious distraction, by simply forgetting the cheese somewhere, especially in a wet and not too much clean place. In the fermentation process that starts when the cheese is aged, bacteria come into play. They can produce moulds and also change the cheese texture until it becomes very soft similar to a “stracchino”; and if you are of extreme tastes you can continue to let them do until worms arrive. Indeed, until fifty years ago gorgonzola with worms was a speciality for gourmets. Now luckily the matter is left not so much to chance and wheels are scientifically inoculated with bacteria selected for their organoleptic qualities, the curd is brought to high temperature so that the bacteria reaction is controlled. It is less adventurous, but the quality is better.


they say about me:

The delicious, fat, piquant, desirable and laudable gorgonzola for the green wonders of the veins like fine hair, is munched in a pulp among eager and lacerated bites of bread and large mouthfuls of wine with a gurgling in the swollen carotids, by the people sitting exhausted at the table of the tavern.

Carlo Emilio Gadda “Meccanica” (1929)

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marbled cheese, soft paste, solid rind and aged minimum 50 days.

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