Latteria Perenzin, dairy fronm Veneto, produces traditional cheeses from four generations and more than a decade even organic cheeses.

the people

Domenico Perenzin is the founder, who at the beginning of the 20th century established a small dairy farm in Tarzo; Emanuela, his granddaughter, who is in charge of the farm in its administrative and commercial aspects; and Carlo Piccoli, who follows directly the artisanal cheese process. Carlo can boast a twenty-year experience in all the chain, he is also a “cheese master taster” (ONAF).

the land

We are in Veneto, on the foothills of the Alps and very close to Friuli, the Piedmont ridge is at the back, on the sunny hills that can be seen to the North of Conegliano; a land formed by morainal hills, furrowed in subsoil by wide and winding calcareous tunnels that in some cases give birth to underground caves called “bore” and large enclosed basins called “doline.”

the animals

We have a very large goat’s milk production area, which is in the Piave valley (Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park). Thanks to the passion of eight farmers, we can rely on around 400 tonnes of milk per year. That quantity makes us an important player in the national scenery of organic goat’s cheese producers. Instead, the organic cheeses of our range “vaccine BIO” are made with the milk of San Michele farm.

the products

The memory of the perfume of the milk milked just a little before it has been gathered, the scent of the grass just cut, of the dry hay, of our small stables … it is an heritage that is still used for the different products that the dairy make. Let’s consider our cheeses like “creatures” and as such we breed them until they have a right maturing. The main capacity of our farm is “inventing” increasingly new innovative cheeses but also strictly linked to the land and local traditions.


Our dairy farm has produced traditional cheese for four generations and organic cheese for more than ten years. It was awarded with the Golden Medal at “Salon des Arts Ménagers” in Bruxelles in 1993.