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The Cooperativa San Lorenzo was born in 1992 as a result of the joining of 18 associates who had the common will of working together and making available to all members their expertise in the agricultural field in order to grow united.

The Cooperative San Lorenzo currently has 50 different associated companies all devoted to agriculture. Its main objective is to succeed in lowering the production cost by using the combined greater purchasing power to manage one’s own firm, safeguarding the quality but still buying at the lowest possible market price.

This marketing strategy enabled them to be competitive and to effectively promote the products of the partner firms. The effectiveness of this strategy has been demonstrated by the fact that the combined goods movement generated by the Cooperative is close to € 500.000,00.

The Cooperative San Lorenzo aims to assist its own associates, by dealing with important services as well as an efficient activity of information. The Cooperative has favourably accepted the opportunity to join the gourm.it Consortium as it sees in this project the concrete chance to widen out the commercial outlets of all the products of its associates.

Cooperativa San Lorenzo

Strada Viola Camatte, 134

46020 Polesine di Pegognaga MN

tel +39 0376. 550981

fax +39 0376. 550981

email cooperativa.sanlorenzo@3-p.it