San Pietro in beeswax, best European Cheese @ Global Cheese Awards 2015

Artisanal cheeses by Latteria Perenzin made quite an impression at Global Cheese Awards di Frome, the important english kermesse concluded at Frome last September 12th.

The jury of the importat Global Cheese Awards has crowned San Pietro in Cera D’Api  as the best European Cheese.

The San Pietro in Beeswax is a cheese typified by an hard compact paste of straw yellow colour, finished with beeswax on the surface. This coverage gives to the cheese a particular scent and flavour of beeswax and honey, the smell is like a perfume, you can also find a little smell of vanilla and an unusual (for an aged cheese) mellow texture. The result is a persistent, round and elegant taste.

Among the other Perenzin creations to receive a prize: Bufala Ubriacato al Glera is “Best buffalo cheese hard paste”, Dolce 3Viso is “Best cheese with mixed milks”, Capra al Traminer is “Best goat cheese”, Montasio Dop is “Best hard italian cheese” and San Pietro in Cera d’Api was awarded also like “Best italia cheese”.


Gourm.it @ CHEESE Bra 2015

From September 18th to 21st there will be “Cheese 2015″ in Bra, the famous biennial food fair promoted by Slow Food Italy.

This map is going to guide you to the best producers at Cheese 2015; and gourm.it staff will be waiting for you at Caseificio Rosso stand, in Piazza Carlo Alberto – BI 121 – BI 12.

Happy Cheese!


Senga: best mantuan mostarda!

September 12th at Gonzaga’s Millenaria handmade Mostarda was protagonist. After a wonderful introduction by Stefano Basile in which were illustrated the differences between handmade mostarda and industrial mostarda, there was a contest organized by Consorzio agrituristico mantovano.

The pubblic itself was the jury in this comparative tasting of some mostarda produced by local farmhouse.

The ingenuity of Senga has been prized with the first place, conquered thanks to a wonderful strawberry mostarda.


finding Tuma Persa

Tuma persa, which means “lost cheese”, it’s a really unique experience.

There’s only one dairyfarm in the world producing this cheese, in Sicily. Its traditional recipe has been “lost” in the tide of times, and recovered recently in a text from 1930.


Lost Tuma unicity resides also in its seasoning: after been put inside the mold it is let to rest for 10 days. Then, after a superficial washing of the rind, it is put to rest for other 8 days. Only then it is salted and brushed from the natural moulds on the rind

The rind is yellow-ocher. It becomes dark thanks to the “curatina”, a process through which the cheese is covered with oil and ground pepper. The cheese paste is soft, compact but easy to crumble, limitedly eyed and yellowish in colour. The flavour stands between the mild and the spicy, never salty, with a long and aromatic aftertaste that recalls the herbal cheeses. The Toma has a notable taste balance and a thick compactness.


Bleu gourm.it, many medals at Nantwich Food Awards

Gratin Bleu cheese, made by Caseificio Pier Luigi Rosso from Biella, has been awarded a bronze medal in its league at “118th Nantwich Food Awards”, in England.

But also gorgonzola Arrigoni has shined at Nantwich food fair, winning 2 golden medals: one among the “Soft & Cream Cheese” for Gorgonzola dolce, and one among the “Retailer Classes” for Gorgonzola piccante.

This historical and prestigious competition, located inside the Nantwich agricultural show in Cheshire, has gathered this year more than 4000 cheeses, from 24 nations.

It is the most important cheese-related event in England, and one of the biggest in the world.

Gratin Bleu is a semi – hard, very ripe cheese obtained from whole pasteurized cow’s milk and left to acidify, with the addition of selected moulds. The flavour is delicate and buttery and becomes more complex when contrasted with the sharpness of the marbling.