Gourm.it Tastings @ Tuttofood


We’ll be glad to host you at our booth in Tuttofood Milan, from May 3rd to the 6th.

If you still haven’t set a date with us, please contact us!

And if you’re in mood for a tasting, we’ve readied a full schedule!

> May 3rd, 11 am: Parmigiano tasting from Caseificio Gonfo

> May 4th, 11 am: Pecorino tasting by Bertagni

> May 5th, 11 am: Parmigiano tasting from Valserena

> May 6th, 11 am: Parmigiano tasting from Grana D’Oro

Please click on the invite to let us know you’ll be there!

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Centomani di questa terra @ Antica Corte Pallavicina

Exactly ten days before the Expo in Milano, Cento Mani di questa terra (literally “hundred hands from this land”) is a chance to undestand better the food necessities of our planets, and its gastronomic future. In a world-wide approach, but keeping close the italian tradition and culinary know-how.

“We are very proud to host this important event in our home” says famiglia Spigaroli, owner of Antica Corte Pallavicina, where Centomani takes place “Here will gather 50 chefs from Emilia Romagna, 5o producers of gastronomic excellence – from Parmigiano Reggiano to Mortadella Bologna, from tradizional balsamic vinegar to salumi dop -, and 50 speakers that will lead thematical forum about catering, eating and formation.”


Tuttofood 2015 | May 3/6 @ Milano

See you at Tuttofood in Milano, May 3/6!


In the Gourm.it stand you’ll find many interisting italian chesees:


- Parmigiano Reggiano organic and ancient breeds: brown cows and red cows

- Pecorino from Garfagnana

- Squacquerone from Emilia

- Gorgonzola, Taleggio, Quartirolo by Arrigoni Battista


Come with us and visit Arrigoni Battista: il Gorgonzola

Last week the whole Gourm.it staff has gone visit the Arrigoni Battista production site, in Pagazzano near Bergamo. It’s a magnificient cheese-factory, here it’s produced Gorgonzola, Taleggio, Quartirolo and many others traditional cheese from Lombardia, plus some new cheeses created by Arrigoni. The machines are built so to recreate artisanal conditions, such as the cheese-making time, and to let the  chief dairy-maker intervene and make the necessary adjustments.

And so follow us, to discover how Gorgonzola is made

il conferimento del latte
The milk arrival is a crucial moment. Arrigoni works only with milk collected from certified stables with a maximum 50 km distance from Pagazzano. So only italian milk, and of the highest quality. Further tests are made on the arrival.

And here starst the Gorgonzola production:

the curd is carefully broken
the broken curd is transferred in this tank, slowly
to avoid to damage the broken piece of curd (that must be as big as a nuts, at this point) the curd is gently gathered with a special dish, and then softly accompanied inside the mold. No machine could do that!


the mold: the chief dairy-maker is showing us the cap of the mold. Resting upon it the cheese will be permanently tatooed with the Gorgonzola Sign, toghether with Arrigoni’s identification number

after production there’s maturation and seasoning

The “resting” room: after the first major draining, the wheels are put in this heated room to rest and leaven. This will help developing the right molds, together with the apposite holes.
seasoning room: here the wheels wait to be ready… you can’t imagine the wonderful scents here!
and finally, the packaging. The free service pieces are packed by a special machine, but the whole wheels are still packed by hand, one by one.

Did you like this trip? Next week we’ll show you the Taleggio production line.

>>> More informations on Arrigoni’s products? write to us!



Ludovic Bisot is the best “new cheese-shop” in France!

Ludovic Bisot, a french customer of Gourm.it, has won a prize as Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2015

Ludovic Bisot, master cheese-seller in Rambouillet (France), last week has been awarded as “Meilleur Ouvier de France”, category cheese. This is an annual prize, held in Salon de l’Agricolture.

In the “fruit & vegetable” category has won another also customer of Gourm.it,  Maxime Lafranceschina di Seyssinet, congrats!

Mr Bisot, owner of the little boutique d’excellance “Tout un fromage”, has astounded the contest judges with his spectacular range of cheese from all around the world (Italy included, provided by yours truly Gourm.it)

Tout un fromage’s owner, 48 years old, was the “older” among the prize contestants. After a life-time in the cheese-business, in 2008 Ludovic has decided to crown his passion for cheese opening his own, very special, fromagerie.

Now that brave decision, and years of hard and passionate work, have been awarded with this precious prize.