#cheesePairings | cheese and fruit

Summer is approaching, the heat rises and the stoves are becoming increasingly hot … best to keep them turned off and focus on the raw snacks. But you don’t have to keep your gluttony at bay: here are three delicious ideas generated by the combination of raw fruit and cheese (but remember that the same combinations work very well also with jams and mustards)

1. Melon and Buffalo Mozzarella dop

Source: Chef Cecio

2. White grapes and Parmigiano Reggiano

Source: Gustissimo

3: Figs and Taleggio

Source: Expo World Recipes


#cheeseMarket | rise in organic sales in USA

The turnover of the organic sector in the US rose to 44.3 billion dollars, an increase of 11% compared to 2014, which in turn had already registered another record.

The growth rate of the food sector in 2015 was 3%, and 3.5 times less than that of the bio. Now 5% of all foods sold in the US is organic.




Representing a hard core of the bio system are milk and dairy products, with 6 billion euro turnover and a growth of 10%.

The fresh products and dairy together represent more than half of the sales of organic food.

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Mould & cheese: tutorial by Pier Luigi Rosso

The right mould is a sign of a living and healthy cheese. In this tutorial the Caseificio Pier Luigi Rosso explains how to manage it.


Culatello pig, the “black Parma”, recognized as a breed

The pig “Nero di Parma” gets the recognition of race and is placed in a new section of the breed registry. The aim is to implement a breeding program that will ensure conservation of the particular characteristics of this breed.

The “Nero di Parma” is an animal that can be defined only for both the delicacy of its meat and for its vocation to be bred in the open. Its meat has also an intense ruby-red pigmentation. Prerogative of this genetic type is a strong marbling of the cuts that predisposes them to fast cooking without losing tenderness and taste; the intramuscular fat and lard have particularly tenderness, bringing pleasant flavor to the sausage and meat on the grill giving tangible difference that distinguishes it from similar commercial products. A noble and valuable meat that can satisfy the needs of chefs and customers looking for rediscovery of forgotten tastes of national gastronomic tradition. The Nero di Parma pig is a strong animal, medium-big size, but with a proper balance between the shape of the round and shoulder.

This breed recognition is the crowning achievement for the commitment and work of farmers, breeders association, local authorities and researchers. Worth noting especially the work of conservation and communication carried out by Ancient Court Pallavicina and by the Spigaroli brothers, that on the Black Pig have centered their entire culinary research and the production of their famous and sought after Culatello di Zibello.

Massimo e Luciano Spigaroli con la Scrofa in rame di Sara Bolzani

Now begins a new stage, which will be managed by ANAS with the collaboration of the actors mentioned above. In particular ANAS will provide the technical experience acquired, the tried and tested tools and research innovations to improve and consolidate the conservation of this interesting area of ​​biodiversity and to encourage the development of products and the work of breeders.
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The bold and the beautiful cheese

“Damn: I bought the Grana Padano and not the Parmigiano Reggiano’. This scene from”The Bold and the Beautiful”, the famous american soap opera aired in Italy last April 28, was not appreciated by the Grana Padano Consortium, which has instructed its lawyers to sue the producers of the soap opera.

The producers of the famous cheese have already instructed their American lawyers to contact the producers of the popular and eternal fiction with Ridge and Brooke and explore whether it’s possibile to reach an amicable agreement. Otherwise Grana Padano’s consortium will start a request for damages . “We think the scene is just a bad slip, moreover free and baseless – explains Stefano Berni, Director of the Grana Padano Consortium – and has gravely affected our product in a market, the American, that is our second largest after Germany. ”

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