and the oscar goes to… Grana Padano Sant’Angelo

From Gambero Rosso, one of italian highest authority in matters of haute cuisine:


“1st and OSCAR QUALITY / PRICE Social Dairy Sant’Angelo The 21 months of the cooperative social Marcaria is a marathon runner who crosses the finish line after a solo run, overall winner of the league pulling opponents of different points. And apparently with little effort. The Dairy, number of toll MN 432, collects milk from 30 stables subsidiaries located in the provinces of Mantua and Cremona, with cows fed in part with grass meadows, and produces just under 50 thousand forms. “


We agree: Sant’Angelo’s Grana Padano is a sweet yet decisive Grana, with much complexity in scents and flavors. The particular cow’s feeding applied guarantees a product very similar to the best Parmigiano.


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Lattera Perenzin goes to Rome

Latteria Perenzin, and its “Accademia internazionale dell’arte casearia”, have been summoned as honour guests by the Commissione agricoltura of the Italian Senate, last 21st of January.

The Senate has chosen this important dairy reality, and historical Gourm.it associates,  as an “example of virtuose business, that match good commercial results with the education of new professionists”.

Piccoli, owner and chief dairyman, has explained that is necessary to increase organic agriculture and the sustainability culture, not only to keeb being competitive in an everchanging market, but also because: «Agricultural speculation and natural resources exploitation are a robbery against our children.».

Latteria Perenzin has also expressed ideas about market directions: «The professional figure of the cheese seasoner/ripener needs to be valued more. Only him can buy and choose quality cheese from little dairy farms to gave them their real value, since on their own they do not possess the sufficient strength to reach bigger markets».

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Asparagus Flan & Castella (Castelrosso fondue)

“Castella” is a brand new product from Caseificio Rosso, Piedmont. It’s an high-quality all-italian Cheese Fondue. Castella is not a mix of who-knows-what. Castella is made with only one cheese: Castelrosso.

This cheese, called also “Toma Brusca”, as per Piedmont tradition is made with “rested milk” from Pezzata Rossa d’Oropa, a ancient breed of cows bred only in this area. The milk, while resting, it becomes more acid; this gives a slightly sour cheese, with a wonderfully clean palate – and this is particularly indicated for a Fondue. Taste is sweet, with a rich bouquet of herbal scents.

To enjoy fully Castella you must consume it warm; you can put directly the jar into the microwave and wait just few sec. You’ll have the creamiest fondue you can dream of.

Want to try it? use it on an Asparagus Flan!

Trimmed asparagus 300 gr

Castella: 1 jar (125 gr)

Milk 75 gr

2 eggs and 1 egg yolk

Parmigiano Reggiano

extra virgin


Peel the asparagus by cutting the woody part of the stems, then wash and dry. Reduce the stems into rounds and cook with the tips in a pan with olive oil and a bit of water. When they are tender, put aside some hint of asparagus and blend with the one spoon of Castella, eggs, grated Parmesan cheese – then taste and add salt if necessary.

Spread the mixture into 6 buttered molds and bake in a water bath in the oven at 180 ° C for about 35 minutes. Do the toothpick test to see if they are cooked.

Meanwhile, warm the rest of the Castella, in water or by microwave.

When the pies are ready, serve it on dish covered in warm Castella sauce and asparagus tips kept aside.


SuperGold Parmigiano and Gorgonzola: Wca 2014


At BBC Good Food Show in London has just took place the World Cheese Awards 2014. Just like in the past years the italians producers are coming home with the hands full of awards; and also Gourm.it team has scored some very important points. Congrats to you all!


WCA 2014: full results


From the Gourm.it team, here’s the WCA 2014 winners:


Workshop Rosso: a trip through Piemonte

Friday the 31st of October Gourm.it office has welcomed Riccardo and Enrico Rosso, the owners of Caseificio Pierluigi Rosso. They came from Piemonte to explain their cheeses to our staff. A wonderful and tasty lesson!

The Rosso bros are excellent dairymen, but they’re also passionated communicators. So they explained to the Gourm.it staff the peculiarity or Piemontese dairy tradition, the characteristics of Pezzata Rossa d’Oropa, the “little breed” of cows whose milk concur to Rosso’s cheese production, and the principle category of Rosso’s cheeses

Then, we ate! We had more than 10 cheeses to taste; while for all their name and description we refer you to our website, here we’d like to explain to you the three most loved by gourm.it staff:

3° : Gratin Blue

a little cheese in a beautiful package, perfect also for free service. Made with acified milk with the adding of penicillium roqueforti. A little, young and italian “Roquefort”, pleasantly clean, stinging but not spicy, really elegant.

2°: Margot

A beer cheese as you never tasted before. Beer (Pilsner and Weizen, made by an italian micro-brewery called Un Terzo) is added directly to the milk, even before the curdling begins. What you obtain is an elastic and buttery curd, with beautiful eyes, and a wonderful bread’s crust scent. The sweetness of the milk and the bitterness of the yeast make a perfect pair.

1°: Maccagno raw milk

Yes, we may be traditionalists, but raw milk Maccagno is unequalled. This “toma” is little for tradition, because traditionally made in little valley that allowed only little herds.  Curd is snow white, with little spread eyes, soft and buttery. The raw milk one is particularly interesting, because the herbal scents are more intense and it closes with an interting sour touch.

Would you like to know more about these cheeses? Let us know!